Listeners have been given tips on how to save money and prepare for their retirement.

At a time when many people are feeling the piinch, two financial experts came into the Coffee Club to talk about their business which has helped more than 400 people.

Money men Allen Peters and Paul Hughes in the studio

Allen Peters and Paul Hughes set-up Flagship Money Guidance in 2012 .

The pair are experts in debt management, redundancy payments and investments, early severance, tax and working credits and pension forecasting.

They explained to presenter Phil Rostance how the impact on pensions changed earlier this month with the Guidance Guarantee project.

They urged listeners to seek advice from an expert, especially for their retirement plan.

"It was refreshing to talk to Allen and Paul on what can be a complicated topic. They made it so simple to understand for our listeners." - Presenter Phil Rostance

Their success has led to securing two lottery-funded grants which means they are able to provide advice for free.

Over the last three years they have managed to enhance almost 1,000 people's lives by offering simple, straightforward information so they can better understand their money matters.

The pair give sessions about making the most of your money which can provide one-to-one follow up support.

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