Singer Needs Your Pledge

A local singer has revealed to Radio Clatterbridge how she's turned to crowd-funding to pay for her latest album.

Caroline England has been making Faking Wonderful for the last three years but now needs help from her fans to bring it to the market.

Caroline England on a previous visit to the station

Caroline, who lives in Hoylake, told presenter Andy Bonner how she wanted to make something more ambitious after her last album, an accoustic recording, in 2009.

She explained how she initially funded the new project herself but now needs money to master, package and promote the album.



Fans can give money through the Pledge Music website.

In return, they can pre-order the CD, or buy the download, merchandise and unique items.

Caroline launched the campaign just over a fortnight ago and says she is already nearly half way to reaching her goal.

She explained how she enlisted the help of session musicians from across the globe to take part in the project.


"I found a Grammy Award-winning drummer in LA, a string arranger and player in St Petersberg, a piano player in Italy, a brass section in Celeveland, Ohio, a bass player in Athens. They were spread all over the world!" - Singer-songwriter Caroline England



Caroline said she wrote hundreds of songs before selecting the very best to record for the album.

She also revealed how she coped when doctors told her she needed to rest her voice for eight months.


"I'd always taken it for granted that I could sing... For someone to say 'You need to stop singing' and the thought of 'What if this doesn't heal?' was quite frightening." - Singer-songwriter Caroline England


Caroline has already enjoyed some success with local and national airplay.

BBC 6 Music's Tom Robinson, a successful singer-songwriter himself, compared Caroline to Dusty Springfield.

She's appearing in the Above The Beaten Track festival at The Bluecoat in Liverpool from 2.30pm on Saturday 5th September 2015.

You can also catch her performing at the Thornton Hough Village Club at 8pm on Saturday 21st November 2015.

Visit Pledge Music to help get the album off the ground.


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