Viking sagas return to Wirral

Sagas of the Vikings are returning to Wirral, thanks to our latest guest at Radio Clatterbridge.

Expert Steve Harding took to the airwaves to separate the facts from the fantasy of some of our most famous ancestors.

Andy Bonner and Prof Steve Harding

Norwegian Vikings settled on part of the peninsular in AD902 after being driven out of Ireland.

Contrary to popular belief, they came in peace and even created their own parliament in Thingwall.

Steve, a Professor of Applied Biochemistry & Biophysics with more than a passing interest in the Vikings, is keen to dispell the myths.

"They're part of us. Despite their reputation they weren't as bad as people made out." - Prof Steve Harding 

However, he told Afternoon Edition presenter Andy Bonner that after five years in Wirral the Vikings began to launch repeated attacks on the then market town of Chester.

Frustratingly, chronicles from the time do not record the outcome of the battles.

Steve's book In Search Of Vikings

Steve, a TRFC fan, has previously written a book about Viking Tranmere and has now edited In Search Of Vikings which shows how science is helping achaeologists and historians when it comes to Viking research.

"The Vikings have this attraction about them perhaps more so than any other historical peoples. We're finding things about them all the time - especially in our area." - Prof Steve Harding

Steve will be giving a talk in Ormskirk on March 16th about the Vikings in Lancashire.

He will be sharing his knowledge about Vikings in Wirral at Bebington Library on 29th April as part of the local history series.

For more details, contact Steve at .

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