Kate Granger's #HelloMyNameIs legacy "to continue"

#HelloMyNameIs founders Chris Pointon and Kate GrangerThe co-founder of an international campaign for compassionate care has told Radio Clatterbridge that he hopes it will continue for generations to come.

Chris Pointon came into the studio to talk about #HelloMyNameIs which he started with his late wife Dr Kate Granger.

The pair met when she was studying to become a doctor at the end of 2001 and got married three years later.

Kate became a patient when she was diagnosed with a rare form of cancer in 2011.

It was while she was being treated in hospital that the pair noticed healthcare staff were not introducing who they were.

"Rather than just whinging about this, Kate and I decided we should do something about it. We decided to start a campaign on social media." - Chris Pointon

Helen Sestan, Chris Pointon and Ian Grant display their #HelloMyNameIs signs

Chris told Coffee Club presenters Ian Grant and Helen Sestan how they initially thought it would be a small campaign.

However, it went viral and, despite being terminally ill, Kate helped spread the message to improve the patient experience across the world.

Listen to the full interview - and find out which songs Chris chose that remind him of Kate

Kate was awarded an MBE and achieved her wish of becoming a consultant for older people before she died at the age of 34.

She passed away on the pair's 11th wedding anniversary in 2016 but Chris says he counts himself fortunate for the time that he had with her.

"She was an amazing individual. She still continues to inspire many people even now." - Chris Pointon

Staff in Clatterbridge have joined the campaign (Credit: WUTH)

Staff at the three NHS Trusts based in Clatterbridge are amongst those who have adopted the campaign.

Chris says he wants his own legacy to be that the campaign has spread to every country in the world.

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