Will Paul McCartney listen to what our man said?

Jake McElvogue's collection of vinyl albums by The BeatlesSir Paul McCartney is being invited to "get back" to Radio Clatterbridge, 55 years after making a debut on the station.

The Beatle appeared with John Lennon, George Harrison and Ringo Starr in the band's first radio interview back in October 1962.

Presenter and fan Jake McElvogue has been tweeting Macca since the start of March in the hope the musician will join him live on air on his 75th birthday.

"I'm trying to get him on my programme because this year is his 75th birthday and it just so happens that it is on a Sunday this year. So, I just that it would be nice to interview him at the place where he had his first ever interview with John, George and Ringo." - Jake McElvogue

Jake, who is a big vinyl collector, owns nearly every album by The Beatles.

He's been a fan since he was young when his mum used to sing Yellow Submarine.

The presenter has sent nearly 30 messages to Sir Paul but has yet to receive a reply.

"Honestly, I think my chances are very slim as he is busy, but I like to keep trying my hardest." - Jake McElvogue

If he did show, Jake says he would ask his hero about his career and upcoming projects. He would even ask him to do a live session!

You can read all about our historic interview with The Beatles and listen to clips by following this link to our special page.

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