Andy Bonner

Andy has been at Radio Clatterbridge since he was at school. He began presenting his first programme as soon as he was old enough - about a week after his 18th birthday.

Dan Coats

Dan Coats has aspirations to be the next "Whispering" Bob Harris - and with his dulcet tones and love of country music he might just be on to something.

Dave Adams

Dave Adams works in Health and Safety by day, which is ironic because he once caused serious injury to himself... by jumping out of his bath! As a seven year old child, Dave was an avid Dr Who fan. Sadly, decades later, nothing has changed.

Dave Berkeley

Dave is no stranger to rock music. He was a roadie for a local Rhythm and blues band and held a microphone by the bell of Brian Jones's saxophone when Brian performed with the band in Wallasey.

Dave Harvey

Dave is one of the longest serving presenters at Radio Clatterbridge. He began broadcasting when he was virtually still in nappies and now he's surrounded by them after the arrival of his first-born!

Di Gaskell

Give Di a mixing desk and some great music and she feels right at home. She's been a professional DJ playing to audiences at bars, clubs and private parties around the region for many years and now brings her skills to the radio.

Geoff Peters

Geoff Peters has loved football all his life. As a teenager, he played semi-professionally in Wales. He's now spent more than two decades as a scout for Liverpool FC.

Graham Johnson

After taking a break from broadcasting to become a (very) mature student, Graham returned to Radio Clatterbridge to share his collection of classical music.

Gray Hawke

Singer-songwriter Gray simply loves music. He's released two albums and plays at folk clubs, festivals and songwriters' groups.

Heather Smith

Heather Smith is Radio Clatterbridge's legal eagle. A solicitor and lecturer, she combines the two during the day to train would-be lawyers in Chester and specialises in litigation and family law.

Helen CravenHelen Craven first joined the Radio Clatterbridge team as a teenager. Now a few [cough] years on, she still can't get enough of the place and you can catch her every morning on Early Breakfast.

Helen Sestan

Helen is a true champion of her local community. She was roped into joining Radio Clatterbridge by fellow presenter and Asda colleague Ian Grant.

Ian Grant

Ian became involved in the station after visiting Vic Charles for a special promotion with ASDA, where he works. Ian was so impressed with the broadcast that he has now joined the team and taken over this request programme from Vic!

Jake McElvogue

Ask most of our presenters which music they like and they’ll be only too keen to tell you. Jake McElvogue puts a different spin on it: ”I like all sorts of music - except for Lana Del Rey and The Smiths.”

Jim Simpson

Jim first became involved with hospital radio as a teenager where a group of enthusiasts decided to visit patients and collect record requests from them.

Liz Morton

By day, Liz is a telecoms trainer. She teaches people how to use voice and data communication solutions.

Mal Vaughan

Mal Vaughan's got it totally figured out. For a man who spent nearly 30 years working with numbers, you'll be glad to know he was dubbed "an accountant with charisma!"

Mike Eveleigh

If you're unsure about whether or not to listen to Mike's programmes, he's had good training. He once worked with Kenny Everett.

Paul Allt

Paul joined Radio Clatterbridge after his business became one of our sponsors. When he sold the firm, pal John Roberts got him involved with his programme. Despite now being involved in property development, Paul still gives up the little spare time he has.

Paul Johnston

Paul fits his work at Radio Clatterbridge around his other jobs in the media. If you ever want to track Paul down when he's off duty it's easy.

Paul Size

During the week you'll find Paul working in the world of finance for a major bank. At the weekend he dedicates his time to waking up the Health Park at Radio Clatterbridge.

Phil Rostance

A former journalist at the Chester Chronicle, Phil moved into PR/Media relations in the late 1990s working for Vivendi, a local council and the NHS - for GPs and hospitals across the north west.

Richard HolmesAfter 35 years in IT, Richard can find his way around a computer - which is a good job because we use lots of them at Radio Clatterbridge!

Ron Berkeley

Ron can usually be found under the mixing desk rather than on it. He's our studio engineer and knows things that us mere mortals can't even begin to understand.

Steve Evans

Steve joined Radio Clatterbridge to give something back to the NHS for looking after him during a lengthy stay in hospital. Retired from work because of ill health, it gives the ex-army man more time for his other hobbies including reading and the media.

Steve Pavett

Steve Pavett is the newest presenter at Radio Clatterbridge but he's no stranger to broadcasting. We welcome him to the fold.

Vicki Wood

Vicki began life at Radio Clatterbridge as a news-reader. But she was soon moved on to present her weekly programme, Reflections.

Our latest news...

  • Ronny Goodlass on his Everton career

    Geoff Peters, Ronny Goodlass and Paul AlltFormer Everton winger Ronny Goodlass has told Radio Clatterbridge how he wishes Joe Royle was still part of the club to guide the current owners. In a return visit to the station, Ronny described the former Blues boss as a great manager.
  • John Barnes raps presenter over the knuckles for superstar claim

    Geoff Peters, John Barnes and Paul AlltFormer Liverpool and England international footballer John Barnes has rejected the idea that he is a soccer legend. Presenter Paul Allt got a ticking off when he suggested the Jamaican-born winger was a superstar during an interview on the Coffee Club.
  • Runners go green for Clatterbridge

    Runners go green for The Clatterbridge Cancer CharityRadio Clatterbridge listeners were treated to an exclusive track-side experience when hundreds of runners descended on the health park. Steve Lord took his microphone to meet the organisers and participants of a brand new fun run in the grounds of the hospital.