Geoff Peters

Geoff Peters

Geoff Peters has loved football all his life.

As a teenager, he played semi-professionally in Wales.

He's now spent more than two decades as a scout for Liverpool FC, following in the footsteps of his dad.

"My father was an ex-pro with Liverpool during and just after the Second World War. He then scouted for Liverpool, Aston Villa and Manchester City." - Geoff Peters

Geoff's met some of the sport's greats from Matt Busby, Bill Shankly and Bob Paisley to Billy Liddell, Joe Mercer and Robbie Fowler.

He even signed Paul Ince's son Tom to the reds.

Born in the post-war baby boom, Geoff grew up in Bromborough Pool where he went to primary school before moving to Bebington Secretary Modern.

He spent all his working life - more than 50 years - as an electrical engineer for the nuclear industry at Capenhurst.

15 of those years were spent in research and development, working alongside the boffins who designed and built the centrifuge technology still used today.

A family man with two children, four stepchildren and plenty of grandchildren, he nearly ended up related to the richest man in the country.

Son Neil dated the late Duke of Westminster's daughter Tamara for a time. Geoff recalls going to the family home outside Chester to play quad bike games with Gerald Grosvenor.

Whether it's playing his favourites on Radio Clatterbridge or arranging for acts to perform at local social events, Geoff remains a busy man in his retirement.

An aspiring drummer, he played with a variety of local groups in his youth. It's a skill he wants to hone.

"Part of my plans for retiring included learning to play the drums properly. I'm now having lessons and even reading the music!" - Geoff Peters

Geoff joined Radio Clatterbridge after being inspired by good pal and former co-host John Roberts.

He saves his "quality jokes" for the listeners, saying his family doesn't appreciate his humour.

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