Gray Hawke

Gray Hawke

Singer-songwriter Gray simply loves music. He's released two albums and plays at folk clubs, festivals and songwriters' groups.

He meets a lot of musicians of varying degrees of fame and says that, almost without exception, they are thoughtful, warm, humble and a delight in every way. In return for modest amounts of alcohol, he may confide one or two names who are the exceptions to this pattern!

Asked how his friends would describe him, Gray said they would respond: "Hasn't he got fat!"

Maybe that's why, when he's not enthusing over his music, you will probably find him trying to recapture his youth. He rides a Royal Enfield 500 - a British classic bike now made in India. Apart from that (whisper it...) he's also a Crystal Palace fan.

Gray says he's accident-prone. No wonder then he worked in insurance for 25 years. Nowadays, he runs his own firm. He does business analysis and project work as an independent contractor.

He says he joined Radio Clatterbridge to break up the working week while giving something back the community by doing something that he genuinely enjoys.

Gray is an honorary Wirralian having lived on the peninsular with wife Barbara for more than 20 years. His three children grew up here but have all flown the coop and have now started having their own children.

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Radio Clatterbridge Presents... (Credit: Funk Dooby)

Radio Clatterbridge Presents... Acoustic Routes

The midweek edition of our specialist music strand features an hour of folk and acoustic music. Gray makes the most of his connections on the live music scene to bring expertise and opinions to listeners each week.

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