Mike Eveleigh

Mike Eveleigh

If you're unsure about whether or not to listen to Mike's programmes, he's had good training. He once worked with Kenny Everett.

A lover of all things American, he has also presented shows for NPR (National Public Radio in the United States) and WOCL 105.9 Orlando.

His love of broadcasting began when he heard the pirate stations in the 1960s.

"I got an invitation from Marjorie Lipscomb at the BBC to go for a trial on the Light Programme. But she backed off when she found out I was still 15!" - Mike Eveleigh

Mike eventually began a career in the police, spending ten years on Merseyside's Murder Squad and even lunching with the country's top policeman.

In the meantime, he pursued his passion for radio.

We snapped him up back in 1975, introduced to the station by presenter Gary Murray.

More than four decades on, the self-confessed radio geek still can't quite shake the feeling.

In fact, this is now his third incarnation as a presenter at the station!

A father of two, Mike lives in Neston with his wife Sue.

His son Steve runs a software company in London.

His daughter Emma lives in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania - and he never needs much of an excuse to visit!

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