Richard Holmes

Richard HolmesAfter 35 years in IT, Richard can find his way around a computer - which is a good job because we use lots of them at Radio Clatterbridge!

He joined us not long after retiring from work in 2017 and has also spent the time since catching up with his three passions in life.

He spends lots of time with his wife Christine.

We're sure she appreciates his other two passions; food and wine.

"I cook and want to get to the highest level I can. I have also been studying (and drinking) wine for over 30 years. I often deliver wine talks and tastings, usually to raise funds for local charities."

Richard loves music in all of its forms, from pop through to classical and all shades and varieties in between.

He says he really enjoyed meeting Vasily Petrenko, chief conductor of the Royal Liverpool Philharmonic Orchestra.

"The conversation covered everything from music, families and his passion for Liverpool (football club and the city) to the vagaries of the Planning consent laws on the Wirral!"

Richard is a trust member of The Clatterbridge Cancer Centre after several family members and friends had the benefit of being treated and made well by the medical teams there.

He says he has always loved helping people and he enjoys being able to speak to patients directly and over the airwaves of Radio Clatterbridge.

"I also enjoy the company and banter of the rest of the Radio Clatterbridge team. It is great to have so much fun and help others!"

Richard says there have been many embarrassing moments in his life, but did elude to one particular unfortunate incident when he met clients unknowingly with his fly undone and his bright white underpants on show.

The clients? Senior government officials; and he was at the Foreign Office in Downing Street!

"Not one of them told me until I was on my way out of the room!"

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