Friends' surprise talk by Dave Adams

Dave shares a joke at the AGMClatterbridge Hospitals League of Friends marked their 65th Annual General Meeting with a surprise talk by one of our presenters.

In The Mix host Dave Adams is also the vice president of the charity and was called upon at the eleventh hour when they received apologies that that guest speaker was feeling unwell.

Dave effortlessly conjured up a talk on the early years of the hospital using a history of the league by its former chairman as his source material.

"It was cutting it fine but the talk was well received!" - Dave Adams

Held at Wirral Hospice St John's in the presence of the Mayor of Wirral, the meeting is a way of the charity's supporters hearing about the league's latest fundraising efforts.

Dave Adams delivers his impromptu speech

Chair Amanda Rummery reflected on a successful year. £65,000 has been pledged by the league for hospital amenities and projects and successful bids will be confirmed in January at a special league event to mark the end of the anniversary year.

Dave presented the Philip Owen Award for volunteering to Vi Hammett and the Doris Eaton Award for Nursing to charge nurse Mark Dillon from Clatterbridge Rehabilitation Centre.

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Band's electrifying performance wows Clatterbridge fundraiser

Guests from Radio Clatterbridge were wowed by the performance of a local pop group at the weekend.

A number of our volunteers booked a table at the fundraising event in aid of the Clatterbridge Hospitals League of Friends.

Radio Clatterbridge has had strong close links with the league since the 1970s.

Our current representative Phil Price stood down at the meeting and was replaced by Mandy Shepherd.

And station chairman Steve Evans proposed the new league committee, as per tradition.

Steve later caught up with Amanda Rummery in Firtrees Restaurant to ask about some of the league's forthcoming fundraising events.

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