Hospital worker Terry Melia reveals hidden talent for writing

Heather Smith and Terry MeliaA hospital IT worker who has written a novel in his spare time has been compared to Willy Russell.

Terry Melia, who was recently based in Clatterbridge Health Park, told the Coffee Club programme he had a lot to live up to.

The computer expert from Liverpool has published Tales From The Greenhills to critical acclaim.

He popped back to the hospital to talk to presenters Steve Evans and Heather Smith about his success.

The book follows the story of Tommy Dwyer, a loveable rogue who goes off the rails.

Set over the course of a fortnight in the heatwave summer of 1976, the dark satirical tale starts with the aftermath of a gangland battle in the Greenhills area of Childwall, Liverpool and concentrates on the temptations facing the teenager.

“There’s aspects of gang culture and violence in the novel. But that’s the way I saw it growing up as a teenager in Liverpool.” - Terry Melia

Steve Evans, Heather Smith and Terry Melia

Terry explained how he has taken more than 10 years to write the book, finishing it properly only when his daughter moved abroad.

But the unassuming author brushed off plaudits that he is the best writer to come out of Liverpool since Willy Russell.

“It’s definitely one to pick up and read. The ending is fabulous.” - Steve Evans

“I wouldn’t normally look at a book about gangland culture and drugs. But within a few pages I was captivated.” - Heather Smith

Terry revealed the book is the first of a trilogy, with work already underway on the sequel.

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