Dave Adams marks 30 years on air

Dave Adams celebrates 30 years on air

Dave Adams has celebrated 30 years on Saturday mornings at Radio Clatterbridge.

Dave was initially a programme assistant on Mid-Morning Music with presenter Dave Williams who returned to the station as a special guest.

"No surprises that my most played song on Saturdays, The Power of Love by Jennifer Rush, opened the show - or that The New Adventures of Black Beauty closed the show!" - Dave Adams

Dave Adams (seated) with Dave Williams

The In The Mix host played old clips and songs with a special significance either to himself or the station.

The pair then read out memories and anecdotes sent in from 20 of the 65 volunteers who have worked with him over the years.

"What a phenomenal number! Proud to work in a station that has such a rich history." - Current volunteer April Ryan

They also talked about how the radio station has evolved over the years.

Dave Adams with Steve EvansDave Adams with Steve Evans

Dave was recently awarded a certificate from the Hospital Broadcasting Association and an NHS Trust badge to mark his 30 years of service.

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