A family Christmas in the 1960s (Credit: Miss Shari)

Wolfman Jack Christmas Special

Wolfman Jack Christmas Special

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About the Show

Celebrate Christmas with a classic show from the American radio host.

You can hear two hours of festive tunes from the 1960s.

About Wolfman Jack

Famous for his gravelly voice, which he credited it for his success, Robert Weston Smith was born in New York in 1938.

To help keep him out of trouble, his father bought him a large Trans-Oceanic radio, and Smith became an avid fan of R&B music and the disc jockeys who played it, including Alan Freed who originally called himself the Moon Dog.

Smith’s adaptation of the Moondog theme was to call himself Wolfman Jack, based in part on the manner and style of bluesman Howlin’ Wolf, and developed his alter ego for radio.