Heather Smith

Heather Smith

Heather Smith is Radio Clatterbridge's legal eagle.

A solicitor and lecturer, she combines the two during the day to train would-be lawyers in Chester and specialises in litigation and family law.

She even received her degree from the Queen Mother at the Royal Albert Hall.

Married with two grown up daughters, Heather is always on the go and fills her spare time with culture and volunteering.

"My daughters describe me as being as tough as a marshmallow." - Heather Smith

She describes herself as a shy person, but as well as presenting at Radio Clatterbridge, Heather can also be heard on Arrowe Sound hospital radio and at the Wirral Talking Newspaper for the blind.

She volunteers at Wirral Hospice St John's, enjoys the theatre and reviewing the latest paperbacks for her book club.

Heather, who admits she gets bored easily, also goes to the gym.

"I must be the oldest person in the body combat class!" - Heather Smith

And finally.... Heather always wanted to be a news reader.

She says she's naturally inquisitive and would like the variety of the job, but being a lawyer is the next best thing.

Being able to see both sides of a situation has led to her becoming indecisive.

We are glad, however, that she has decided to spend some of her precious spare time with us.

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