Mal Vaughan

Mal Vaughan

Mal Vaughan's got it totally figured out.

For a man who spent nearly 30 years working with numbers, you'll be glad to know he was dubbed "an accountant with charisma!"

Counter to the popular belief that number-crunchers are boring, Mal brings heaps of charm to the Radio Clatterbridge airwaves.

The Liverpool FC fan joined the station as a request collector - combining his love for music and meeting people in the community.

He's got an ecclectic taste in music - from Ed Sheeran to Father John Misty - and also enjoys playing his guitar.

But it was as a 4 year old that Mal first hit the music scene, winning a Beatles look-a-like contest eleven thousand miles away.

"My mother dressed me in a Beatle suit and sent the photo to my auntie in New Zealand. She sent it to her local newspaper which declared the photo as the winner. Goodness knows what the other competitors must have looked like!" - Mal Vaughan

Mal's met a few famous people over the years, sharing a plane with Bobby Charlton, Kenny Dalglish, Michael Vaughan and Alex Ferguson.

He's even had a surreal breakfast with Kenny Rogers at a busy hotel restaurant in Ireland.

But it was literally bumping into Grace Jones in Stockholm airport that became his most frightening brush with fame.

"I was running for my plane when turning the corner I ran straight into this very tall person wearing a very large fur coat. I looked up and saw it was Grace Jones! I immediately started to apologise but was cut down by a very stern look from her. I was more scared of her than her bodyguard. Now I know how Russell Harty felt!" - Mal Vaughan

Mal enjoys spending time with his wife, Nora, their three daughters and four grandchildren.

He says they would describe him as a good and loyal person who's keen to help others when needed.

We asked Mal for any more anecdotes but, with the sense of humour of an accountant, he thought we were the ones who were kidding.

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