Ian Grant and Helen Sestan during their mammoth broadcast

Midday Memories

Midday Memories

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Hosted by: Ian Grant and Helen Sestan

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Timezone: GMT [UTC]
12:00 pm - 1:00 pm
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About the Show

Every day at noon, we get the chance to play sixty minutes of classic tunes from two great years.

As well as squeezing in the best hits from each year, we’ll also have some of the more obscure tunes you may have forgotten about.

We want to test your memory and knowledge of the past so we’ll also read you some headlines and talk about what was happening in our mystery years.

All you have to do is remember when.

About Ian & Helen

Ian & Helen met at Asda, where they help local charities and good causes as Community Champions.

When he’s not raising money, Ian can be heard spinning the discs of his mobile disco outfit.

Helen’s connected to the music industry too; Her Godfather is Tony Crane of the Merseybeats.