• Rory Cellan-Jones

    BBC technology correspondent Rory Cellan-Jones talks about his treatment for eye cancer at The Clatterbridge Cancer Centre. 

  • Patricia Routledge

    Wirral-born actor Dame Patricia Routledge, who played Hyacinth Bucket in Keeping Up Appearances, talks to Radio Clatterbridge about Wirral Hospice St John’s new garden.

  • Mike McCartney

    Mike McCartney talks to Steve Evans about the rerelease of his album McGear.

  • Korean Billy

    Scouse wordsmith Korean Billy pops into the studio to chat about to Ian and Helen his viral videos.

  • Ronny Goodlass

    Ronny Goodlass talks about his career at Everton and his views on the Toffees today.

  • John Barnes

    John Barnes, Liverpool FC’s most successful rapper, takes on the Sugarhill Gang’s Rapper’s Delight.

  • Christopher Maloney

    Former X Factor and Celebrity Big Brother star Christopher Maloney talks to Radio Clatterbridge’s Di Gaskell about his new book Wildcard.

  • Robert Cray

    Legendary blues and soul singer-songwriter-guitarist Robert Cray talks about his career and future.

  • Charlie Landsborough

    Country and folk singer Charlie Landsborough in conversation with Geoff Peters at Radio Clatterbridge.

  • Sadio Mané

    Liverpool FC’s Sadio Mané talks to Radio Clatterbridge about injury and his player of the year award.