A nurse listens to Radio Clatterbridge

This week

Team of the Week

Every weekday at eleven o’clock, it’s time to put the workers in charge of the music.

Staff around the health park get the chance to choose a song.

Remember you can always get in touch with us for you to play your requests and dedications.

Artist of the Week

Every weekday, our presenters pick their favourite tracks from our chosen artist. This week, it’s songs from Katy Perry.

Listen out for tracks each day on the Coffee Club and Live from the Bridge.


As one of the oldest hospital radio stations in the country, we have a comprehensive collection of music dating back to the 1950s.

You could hear Glenn Miller in the same programme as T-Rex and Kylie Minogue. It wouldn’t be unusual for The Beatles to be played after Huey Lewis and the News, or Bruno Mars after Elton John. Many programmes feature a similar mix of mainstream music.

Our specialist music strand, Radio Clatterbridge Presents, features country, folk and classical and our request shows are dictated by our listeners.


Every weekday morning in the Coffee Club we’re testing your musical knowledge with another mystery hit in Name That Tune.

Listen out to see if you can solve the riddle every Monday to Friday from 10am.

Then every weekday evening we test your celebrity knowledge to see if you can guess the name of our virtual guest.

If you know your Madonna from your Maradona or your Tom Cruise from Penelope Cruz, listen to Live From The Bridge from 7pm for the clues and see if you can work out the well-known personality.

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Community News

At quarter past every hour, listen out for the Radio Clatterbridge Community News sponsored by Home Instead Senior Care

Patients and staff get a chance to find out what’s on offer to them in and around the hospital.

If you know a charity or local group which would benefit from being featured on the bulletins, please get in touch.